Monday, 28 February 2011

Crafting the weekend part.2. Hat, phone pouch, cardigan

I dream every day is weekend, so I can continue languishing in my comfortable room, reading, writing, sewing, and crafting. ok, I know it is only a dream:)

Last week, I make three projects. First, I found my old
curduroy skirt, which I never wore anymore. I turned it into a hat decorated with yoyo embellishment, you can follow the easy tutorial for yoyo here. I also used this beautiful yoyo  for my blue taffeta dress, the reason is very easy to make and it looks so cathy. I just used my hat as a pattern. But, I think, I am not fit to wear it, I feel looks like Baby Huey, hahaha... it is less wide and it seems more suitable for girl... :)

My second  project is phone/ digicam pouch from mat bag. I was at Gramedia bookstore last week, when I saw this mat bag on the craft stuff rack. I give you the materials I used for making this pouch.

mat bag, scraps, felt, needle, thread, glue gun, beads, and button
 this is it :),

for the flower decoration I was inspired by domestics diva fabric flower

 My third project is turning my old sweater into cardigan (I wear it today!) :D I follow tutorial from xanray via burdastyle. It's very easy, everyone can make it. You should make one! Just cut in the middle and sew both cut sides.

my old sweater

 I added three flower-shaped buttons at the top and put a corsage. It looks better now :).
For next week, I can't wait to cut the lovely floral fabrics I bought last week. I am going to make a maxi dress and two baby dolls for my friend Afni and Tetty.

See you soon...:)


  1. tp, aye mirip Baby Huey makenya..:D HAHAHA..

  2. hahaha karna itu muka ente disembunyiin di poto diatas tu..? :D :D

  3. ikaaaa.. itu sweater yg kembaran ma punya aq khaaaaan?! yg punya aq ijo army..

  4. oh iya ya? Ninin punya juga ya? yg ada bunga korsase rajutnya itu kan? mau dibikin cardi? Ninin penggila cardi kaaannn?? :D

  5. iya yg ada bunga rajutx jugaaaaak.. ^_^
    bukan itu yg mo di buat cardi.. tapi ada bolero aq yg pernah rencanax mo aq belah, tapi takut kemana2 ntr benangx.. bahanx mirip dengan baju ituuu.. aman toh ternyata kalo di belah ya ka???

  6. kalo bahan rajut ato wool ga perlu khawatir benangnya kemana2 bagus kok, bisa tinggal jahit ke dalam ato kalo mau lbh bagus di kasih bias (pinggiran) :)

  7. hi sis...saya dari malaysia....suka sangat follow your so colorful & cheerful..give me some ideas..tq sis....

    1. Hi! Aisyah, thank you for visiting :)


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