Thursday, 24 February 2011

Crafting the Weekend Part 1. key chain & bookmark

How do you spend your weekend?
I would love to visit natural places to spend a silent holiday, having cookies, tea, and favorite books, or I would rather be at home and doing many things I love. 

my favorite weekend stuff. cookies, tea, orange, color pencil, and children book. I can't wait to finish reading "Alice in Wonderland", but this two weeks have been crazy busy..:-(

This week would be a crafting week, I would stop sewing dresses until I find a sewing course for me to learn more about sewing clothes (or just for a while :). So, I've decided to make some handicraft things. this is the list for this week project.

some of the things I 'm going to make, felt booties, cupcakes, and a hat! I also plan to make key chain, phone pouch, and bookmark.

I have been felting since last year (see some of my creations here ), when I was running a shop with my friend putri. At that time, we just started the business, but we both were working at the same time. It was not easy to manage the shop, while trying to share the time with the working hours. We had to hired someone to manage the shop, it was very risky and unfavorable, especially for the beginners in business. Shortly, we officially annouced bankcruptcy..T_T we failed. But, I just cannot stop making things, and thinking to try a new challenge :)

I bought the felt last year
 Finished projects:
cloth key chains. I learn the pattern from the book above

muffin key chains
Yes, I have not finished all project list. Sometimes, I am too tired working on the project after a whole tiring day at office, I can only work at night when it is not easy to stay awake with exhausted body. I won't force myself to work, so I just do it slowly and enjoy the proccess.

I'll update you with some projects soon :)

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