Thursday, 10 March 2011

Crafting the Weekend Part.3 Do not Waste Your Scraps

What will you do with all the scraps, yarn, or small little pieces of your sewing stuff? I never think to just dump it to the trash bin and leave it unused. I keep collecting it since the first day I started sewing.

Well, actually I don’t know what to do with the stuff on that day, but I believe, I will be looking at it again someday. Until I found an inspired post by Veronica Darling in burdastyle , see a dog bed she made from yarn here. I am thinking to make one for my lovely cat, Uyung :) I also follow her blog, which has very beautiful and well-photographed pictures. She likes to sew and recycle used fabrics. Look at her lovely floral dress, which she made from a tablecloth! I just can’t believe it was made from tablecloth! She said, it’s more eco-friendly (what a great reason to sew), and I like her vintage taste. I just started to love vintage style, especially the 1950s, 1960s.

So, I made these accessories from scraps last weekend.

Recently, I am so busy at office; it is political assignments that “kill me cruelly”. The local election in the city is about to come. My boss, means me myself have to keep updated with all these boring political news. Bundle of articles must be translated, even sometimes when the same people conveyed different statement everyday, even on the same day but different newspaper *what a bullshit people! :p This “monkey business” seized most of my time, I cannot concentrate on my own sewing project, delayed from the deadline, and I cannot blog properly, please! *Selfish seamstress :D
Every night at home, I prepare my work papers, turn on the laptop, open the note of meeting result, AND I START SEWING and CRAFTING, hehehe..I leave the papers undone and forget it (it’s not a good habit, please don’t do it).

frayed rossete, you can follow the turorial here

teacup pin cushion, I learnt how to make it at youcanmakethis

I pledged ONE CREATION A DAY, no matter what will happen *emergency will be considered :D

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  1. bagi saya, scrap adalah barang yang berharga. keren-keren deh idenya rika. pengen banget bisa bikin frayed rossete, thx for the link ^^

  2. iya, mbak,sayang banget buang2 kain sisa padahal bisa kita manfaatkan ek yang lain :)


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