Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Crafting The Weekend Part.4, Friends' Request

My heart goes to our friends in Japan after a large earthquake hit the country, triggered 10m high tsunami wave that swept northeastern part of coastal area on Friday, March 11th. It was the large quake since the record began in Japan, the experts said that the tremor was 8,000 stronger than the quake that hit Christchurh, New Zealand, last month. Let's send our pray for the dead one, hope the death toll wouldn't increase, the relief may reach the wounded people as soon as possibble, and the threat of nuclear power plants wouldn't be a nightmare for them and us. Let's pray the worse is over, let's pray for Japan.

I have given you a sneak peek on my next project in my previous post. Well, I have passed the deadline to finish them because I am so busy at office, but finally I made it.

Afni, my friend request a babydoll dress from me,I followed tutorial of smocked sundress on

I imagine she will wear it like this with the baby love inside her belly :)

or, someday, after she give birth to a lovely baby, may be she can still wear it with a belt? :)

To tell you the truth I have three or four dresses like this. Last year, I bought chiffon fabric with my mom in Bukittinggi, I made a tailor sew it to me in Pekanbaru, she asked for Rp80,000 for the sewing fee. I think she "cheated" me at that time, I can finish this dress in two hours! Well, may be I had to pay for her-not-so good-sewing-talent, (yes, the dress was not so well-sewn, but a belt save me :p )

Another request came from tetty,she requested dress for her sister's teddy bear. I am not sure wheter the dress fit the doll or not, but to make it safe, I make one with the rubber thread on the chest.

and it's time to send them all! I made pouch from tulle and put a small cute card :)

here we go...

.  .  .  .


  1. let's pray for Japan..

    hehehe.. kok modelnya kepalanya hilaang..?? :D :D
    aye suka kemasan akhirnya, cantik maa..

  2. aye tak pake jilbab maa... makanya kepalanya di crop :D
    kemasannya aye bikin ndiri maa..:D


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