Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's tomato! Tutorial

Hi, this time I will share you a tutorial to make tomato pincushion

It's not my original idea, I follow instruction from, if you have more time to watch the video,check here (pay attention to the GIANT TOMATO behind Martha :D, or if you "suffer" a very bad internet connection and takes toooo long to open the video, you may just do a quick look at my photo below :). I do really hope you can understand the photos because picture speaks thousand words, right? follow the picture from left to right of each row.

you will need: red & green fabrics, or any colour and pattern you want, green color felt,thread,yarn, needle, scissors, stuff,pin (if you need it), and I forgot to put glue gun in the picture :)
so, here are my tomatoes,

if the tutorial picture confusing you, feel free to ask me :). 

anyway have you ever watched a tomato fooled by annoying orange? check this one out, it's TOE-MAY-TOE.mmmmnnahahahahahahhahahaha...;D;D;D

.  .  .  .


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