Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Project in progress. More floral fabrics

Forgive me if this note does not seem so important. However, for me all the processes, even the smallest ones, deserve to be appreciated and recorded. This week, I will make two  baby dolls, one for Tetty's Teddy Bear, which is a tiny dress, another one for Afni, my lovely friend. I'm not so sure with the size of Tetty's doll, she just gave some descriptions and I tried to draw.

so sorry for the ugly teddy drawing

I hope the dress I made will suits the doll :)

more floral fabrics

I have cut the tiny baby doll, but I haven't found a fabrics for Afni's dress. The two fabrics on the right were bought last week, I also haven't decided what kind of pattern for these fabrics. I think I am going to make a maxi dress and a dress with lace?

Anyway, currently, I am in love with this sugar stick

it is from Gulaku Sugar Group Company, I like the fine grain and it's not too sweet with a cup of tea.

the packaging as sweet as the sugar :)
 and, look at this!
This beautiful bird  perched outside my office window. I think she did not realize that there is glass in front, when I tried to give her cookie, she pecked her beak into the glass :D
Yes, this note is so random :D


  1. kok hilang komen aye yang kemaren..??

  2. mana ada ente komen kemren?? tak de pun..


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