Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Purple Bear, Pink Bunny, and the Panda :D

Last night, I was lying on my bed while Uyung, my handsome cat , was busy licking its yellow fur.
“Knock! Knock!” someone knock on the window.
“Who is that?! I immediately woke up from the bed, surprised. How could someone knock on the window at the second floor of someone else's home?
“May I coming? I am freezing!” he shouted from the outside.
I opened the window carefully, Uyung rose his ears curiously, wondering who’s coming.
“Oh, my God! It’s a bear!” 

He has purple fur with yellow colour inside its ears; he looked so tired and chilled, even with the thick purple fur.

“Oh, dear, there was a thunder storm on my way here, I am so lucky finding a window to stop,” the purple bear grumbling while cleaning his wet fur. 

“ Mr. Purple Bear, where have you been? How could you find my window? How could you be here?”

 “Why don’t you serve me a cup of hot tea? Chinese tea would be great, remind me my black and white friend, Mr. Panda the black eyes.” 

I served him Kayu Aroe tea; it is made from Solok, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This tea is one of the best, I let he sipped the tea solemnly. 
“Mmhh…as good as Chinese tea, oh, my name is Mr. Bear the Purple Fur.”
“ Would you tell us your story?” I asked him.
“Ah, I travelled from the outer space, there was a huge ice cube covering me,it brings me across the earth and stop at the top of a mountain, which I guess in China, that's the time I met Mr. Panda the Black Eyes. He hit something on the icecube, it cracked down, I am out!"
"Your appearance sounds like Aang The Last Aibender..heh, heh.." I grinned.
"Well, I did not know him, is he purpled-fur like me?"
"No, he's bald with arrow tatoo on his forehead!"
 'May I coming..?" two pairs of brown and pink ears appeared on my window, and a pink nose!
"Oh, beautiful Ms Bunny the Pinky Nose! Please, do coming!" Mr Purple Bear served the bunny to come and help her to put off her wet brown coat.

I asked nothing as I guessed it's must be an old friend reunion, I let them talking each other.  I heard they mentioned some kind of, Panda?
"Oh, Beary, I've been travelling across China to find out what's happening with our friend Mr. Panda, after the earthquake in Shanghai last year. I asked his former master, who said that Mr. Panda had been moved to Japan, when I wanted to travel to Japan, there was a huge wave in the sea, then I decided to postpone my travel, and find out that you are having a tea here,"Ms. Bunny tell Mr. Bear.  

"I am afraid our friend would not be survived..."
"Well, I am fine!" a huge yet soft voice shouted from outside the window.
" Panda Darling!!!" Ms Bunny embraced Mr. Panda tenderly.

"I almost drowned by the sea, luckily a huge Garuda bird gave me her wide wings to fly with her, she is a heroine,  I thanked her so much, may her people remind her as a heroine as I do."
I served Mr. Panda a cup of hot tea.

"Ah, tea..., I wish I were in my home in China now, my master placed me in Japan for one year, the zoo people hoped I can share happiness with kids in Japan, as I have done in Shanghai, I was in Shanghai when the place hit by earthquake. Few days ago, I was in Japan experiencing larger earthquake, but I was so lucky to survive, I guessed Japanese people could prevail soon, they are tough people. While they are building my new home, I decided to travel here, I heard the wind whispered that both of my besties are here. Sip your tea everyone!"

I woke up the next morning, could not find Mr Purple Bear, Ms Bunny the Pinky Nose, and Mr Panda the Black Eyes. I found these three wallets, instead.

I remember that March 23rd is my sister birthday, she will be at her sweet 17th. I must prepare something sweet for her, take a peek :)

.  .  .  .
the ideas:
-for the animal pattern on the felt wallet from
-For Mr Bear appearance from Avatar the last airbender


  1. hahahahaha.. saya suka.. saya suka.. cikgu..
    keren bana si panda sambil menunggu rumahnya di perbaiki dia traveling dulu.. mau juga ahh aye.. resign trus nunggu kerjaan baru traveling dulu.. hahaha.. ngimpi..

  2. saat menulis ini, aye membayangkan spt pelayan sibuk2 disudut ruangan nyiapin teh, sambil tiga binatang bicara tuh ngobrol di depan perapian..XD XD


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