Friday, 25 March 2011

Two Different Coloured Birds

"Stay away from me! I am not going to fly with you! Stay away!" the red bird shouted angrily to her sister, the purple bird.

“Why? What’s wrong with that? I don’t make any mistake, I never hurt you so, and you are not supposed to keep me away. We are sisters, don’t we?” the purple bird asked the red bird with her soft voice.

“We were born from the same mother, but you are not my sister, we all the families are red, we’re beautiful as our name Bird of Paradise, we’ re all normal, you are defect creature!” the red bird shouted harshly.

“But, I guess, you are the only one who reject me in our family, mother loves me…” the purple bird muttered.

“Are you saying something?!” the red bird asked.

“Hey, noisy red bird and Ms purple, where are you going?” a pair of Mr and Mrs Tree asked.

“ I am not going with her!” red bird said.

"Hi, Mr and Mrs Tree, we’re on our way to the flowery field behind the hills, we’re going to help Governor Flower and his people to spread their pollen” purple bird explained.

“and why does this red keep talking and shouting?” Mrs Tree asked.

“Oh, she does not want me to follow and fly along her, she wanted me to keep away from her as I have different colour with her…”purple bird explained.

“Silly bird!” Mrs Tree grinned without letting the purple bird finished her words.

"Darling, look at us, we're different in color, mine is dark green, while my dear wife has light green, but we have been together for decades. I never care what colour she is, as long as we're loving each other, there is nothing to be worry about." Mr Tree said.

"Oh, my darling Tree Tree Hubby, are you seducing?" "SMOOOCCCHHH!!" Mrs Tree embraced Mr Tree and kissed him.

"Oh, so sweet!" purple bird clapped her wings.

"Disgusting! said the red one.

"Hey, birdy! a warm voice from the back. It's Ms Sunshine."What a beautiful feathers, I guess you are both coming from paradise."

"Yes, I am, but not her!" said the red.

"Aha! sounds like you hate Ms purple, is this as a matter of colour?"

"Yes, it is" said Mrs Tree.

"hahaha, where have you been red bird? from what century did you come from? you've got to meet Nelson Mandela. You know, I've been centuries brighten Mother Earth, and it's gettng better since all creatures start to realize that they are living in harmony because they are different each other. This colourful world won't stay longer if hatred bird like you still exist. You must respect your sister no matter what colour she is. Let her be different in colour, the most important thing that you are  humble and kind in your heart. Moreover, purple is royal colour, if you don't know" Ms Sunshine said.

"Well, I think I have been enlighten Ms Sunshine..." said the red bird, now with softer voice.

"Go, fly to the hills and meet Governor Flower, you both are awesome!" Ms Sunshine cheered them up.

The purple and the red bird fly along to the green field covered by different and colourful flowers.

Ms and Mrs Tree and Ms Sunshine smiled looking at the beautiful feathers flapped happily.

.  .  .  .
The idea for the story from the note by my facebook friend.


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