Monday, 18 April 2011

Ani's Birthday Gift. Pink Butterfly

Ani is my younger sister. Actually, she celebrated her sweet 17th birthday on March 23rd 2011. I promised her special gift. In our culture, 17th is the time when you enter adult world. We get our ID card and driver license at 17th, that's why it is called "sweet seventeen", then I should give her some sweets :)

Once, when I graduated from university, our family financial was not so good as we were building our new house, so most of the money used for it. At that time, I have to go to new city in order to find new job, my mother gave me a case contained a gold ring which I knew belonged to Ani. Ani said she did not mind if I bring it as "saving" even sold it out. I thanked her very much, and promised to replace it with better one.

Now, this is the time for me to return her ring, but she requested earrings from me, so I bought them and let this Pink Butterfly delivers to her.

what's inside the purple box? :)

gold earrings!

there is another gift for Ani, I will keep you updated :)

for the butterfly template I got from

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  1. hiks.. sedih.. :,)
    btw, kotakx cantek ika.. kupu2x kayak mo terbang.. ^_^

  2. hehe..our life story :)
    kotaknya terlalu besar ya? ;p

  3. akhirnya publish juga cerita ini..
    lebih sedih yg ente cerita waktu itu..

  4. iya, disini ga detail ;D..aye sengaja, ga mau aja lebih dramatis ;p


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