Friday, 15 April 2011

I can See My Father's Proud Eyes

Last night, when I unpacked some of not-so-old files, I found this newspaper cutting. On 5th July 2009, I was featured on Tribun Pekanbaru, a local newspaper in the city. I was very honored at that time, the whole family and relatives congratulated me as if I was a great person for them. I can't forget my father's proud eyes when he read the article.

Look at my nervous pictures! :D

My father made it beautifully framed and hanged on the wall. While, my boss said, "Wah, full page!" :D . I was featured related to my current job. Someday, I wish I will be featured again as an children book author or a crafter, or both :)

.  .  .  .


  1. woooaaaaaww..
    aye juga bangga jadi sahabat ente..
    full page.. cool..
    *mata berkaca-kaca, aye berasa standing applause di kursi barisan depan dan melihat ente menerima penghargaan di panggung, halah mulai lebay.. :D :D

  2. jiahahhaha..aye malu2 kucing liat potonya..gyhahaha..;D XDXD

  3. I bet he is :) You are a super talented girl Rika. what was the article about concerning your job?

  4. thanks Mba Hanny, ya, it was about my current job :)


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