Friday, 1 April 2011

In the Purple World

After the visit of Mr Purple Bear and his twin brother Mr Yellow Bear, I was invited to The Purple World by this amazing twin bother.
"Will you join us?" asked Mr Yellow.
"Sure, I will!" I answered excitedly.
I grabbed my mom's vintage bag, took my shoes, and one thing, I have to follow the rule that everyone who want to enter The Purple World must dress in Purple!
"Wow, interesting!" I said while wearing my purple dress.
 "Haha, I see you are blissful! said The Purple Bear.

Yellow Bear asked me to ride on his back and I did not think we were walking, they flew, I think. I did not really know what was happening because everything run so fast. When I realized, I was in The Purple World already.

Purple World Name Card Holder
I was amazed. Everything was not in purple actually, but the atmosphere seems to be overwhelmed with purple light, or purple spirit. I sneaked behind a green plant, which later on I found the name of the plant was Happiness plant. When you touched the plant, it makes you happy, just want to grin and show off your teeth :D.

"Where are The Purple and The Yellow Bear? mmhh..., why did they left me here alone?" I was wondering. 
"Well, I'll wait.May be they are busy helping the King Bear to spread the purple spirit to the other part of the world."
I found a colourful swing nearby the Happiness Plant, I sat down, and waited.

 I waited for a moment, few hours, and I got bored. Pheww!

I passed Happiness plant...(and I grinned ;D )
and I found this swing! wohooooooo!!!

Yayyyyyy!! Purple World is fantastically fun!!!! swing! swing! swing!

Swing until I got dizzy @_@

I thought it's enough for me to play, and it's time to go back home. I wrapped a gift from the Purple Kingdom.

Someday, I'll visit Purple World again :D


  1. mana bagian yang takangkangnya...?? kok gak ada..?? mana..?? mana..???

  2. itu yg main ayunan (-,-)..ente gasik ah..


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