Thursday, 21 April 2011

Love "Green" reversible tote bag for My "Kartini" Mother

Today, April 21st is the Kartini Day, and tomorrow April 22nd is the Earth Day.I want to commemorate both. Kartini is our heroine for her effort in fighting for women's right, especially Indonesian women. She had passed away, but her spirit remains in every Indonesian women's heart. Now, I have another living Kartini, my beloved mother.  

We should be "earthy" every day. I realized that every time I went shopping, the seller keep giving me plastic bag as they heap up in my home, I don't know what to do with them, and I don't want to burn or just throw them away because it's so not Eco-friendly, so I just keep them :(. This is not right and I have to stop it! So, I sew a tote bag, which later on I decided to give for my mother as a gift in this Kartini day, and sew another one for me. I can bring this bag any where I go  shopping and stop the plastic bags giving. I know this is only a small and simple step, but I believe I have done something to reduce trash from our beloved Mother Earth, let's keep her clean. :)

Love "Green" reversible tote bag

I made yoyo embellishment for the flower, leaf template here

cutting fabrics
sewing in process, find the useful tutorial here

inside the bag with "Love Green" pocket

plastic heap :(
and this is reversible!
you can reverse it!
Love Mom, Love Mother Earth! :)

.  .  .  .

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