Monday, 11 April 2011

Mr Orange Shirt and Blue Tie

Someone celebrate his birthday today. Once, I tried to sew a shirt for him, but I failed :(, the cutting fabric end up in the corner of my room, someday I try to sew it again. I find another way to give him special shirt, well, I bought a shirt and  I wrap it in an "orange shirt and blue tie."
Hey, my name is Mr Orange Shirt and Blue Tie, dance with me!
I use wafer paper, yes, wafer, crepe paper, buttons and glue gun (not in picture), don't forget sewing machine (or  hand sew it), and the present, of course
 The simple lovely party start with cake and candle,as usual :)

He's very happy receiving the "shirt" :D

and he's so excited to open it :D

and we ended up at Pizza Hut

.  .  .  .

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