Sunday, 22 May 2011

"The Bridge and The Pink" Dress

Hi, there! Here I am again wearing a new pink dress and having a photo taking session on the bridge :D
Initially, I want to make a dress by using this pattern from Burda, but I found it difficult to trace the pattern :(. Does anyone knows how to print it properly? I printed it on A4 paper, but it was too small, and I did not know how to enlarge it. So, I drafted my own pattern by referring to Burda's pattern, and it fits me very well! Yay!

Come,come! here are some pictures! Have a look! ;)

I have been taught myself to sew since November last year, I have been learning many things up to now. Through trial and error, I can feel that I am improved in sewing, I am not just want to finish the thing as soon as possible without paying any attention to the details, but I enjoy the process and be more patient in order to get a best thing. Inevitably, practice is the best way to master :).

I never tired of YoYo-ing! :)

Mmmh..this is the..oh, I can't remember, but I've been making Yo Yo many times! Go Yo Yo!

Oh, it's a windy bridge!
Self-drafted pattern, sorry for the ugly drawing :D

I know I am still far away from expert in sewing and crafting, but I believe serious efforts will never be useless. I pledged, One Creation a Day!


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