Monday, 9 May 2011

Picnic Day with The Bear

After a crazy busy week at office, finally I can do something to relax my mind and body. In the last two weeks, I read no book, sew or craft nothing, and felt so sorry to myself. At the end of the week, I finally made felt bear, oh, it's The Bear family and we went picnic yesterday :)

Have a look, these are the pictures!

Not only The Bear, I also really enjoyed the picnic under leafy trees and on the edge of a small lake.

we bring some snacks, soft drinks, and the book

and playing with the goose :)

When it was already dusk, it's time to go home...

Tutorial for the bear is from
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  1. pasti the bear family seneng banget di ajak piknik ama rika. pasti nanti mereka minta di ajak lagi ;D

  2. justru aku yang gembira ria picnic sama mereka mbak :D

  3. poto angsanya bagus sayang ada sampahnya..

    aye juga dulu ada poto di dekat kapal trus main yang masuk ke dalam bola di kolam tu.. puanas di dalamnya..

  4. Org buang sampah sembarangan disitu..


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