Sunday, 29 May 2011

Project in Progress. Mini Wallet

Hello there! How's your weekend? I am currently busy finishing these projects :)
1. Mini wallet
I love colorful and cute cotton! every time I went for shopping, I can't help myself for not buying it.
 2. Purple dresses
the cotton one is for my friend, and the chiffon-like with white dot is mine. I have not decided the pattern for this fabric.
3. and mother's dress (which is sooo difficult to finish,phew! (-,-)

This would be my first sewing project for my mom (dress), but I kinda hard to finish it.

What about you?What are doing this weekend? :)

.  .  .


  1. The dress you are making for your mother looks simply glorious. She will love it, I'm sure!
    And those fabrics are rather gorgeous...

  2. Yes, I really hope she will like it and fits her perfectly! :)


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