Friday, 17 June 2011



Today is my birthday. I am so blessed and blissful with loves, hopes, and presents from beloved family, friends, and my special one :-).My best friend quyat, called me early in the morning to say "happy birthday!" :D

My boyfriend suddenly appeared in front of my house with his warmest smile and said " happy birthday". He came to picked me up. We had "lontong cap go meh" for breakfast.

After lunch, I was at office when suddenly someone phoned me saying that my boyfriend sent me something. I was surprised! :-D
J.Co doughnuts are the sweet treats!
At the same time, I also had cake cutting with office friends, and my parent called singing "happy birthday"..thanks God...

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  1. ikaaa.. lucu banget blog nyaa.. *tiba2 komen blog bukan postingannya hahaha*
    itu bikin font nya koq bisa?? emg skrg blogspot ud byk font ya? apaaa, edit dulu coding nya?? :p

    btw, bday cake nya looks delicious.. uuummmm.. *kedipkedip*

  2. publish from blog-droid denk..
    aye nelpon berkali2 gak ada dimasukin.. hiks.. :(

  3. met ultah ya rika.
    semoga apa yang di cita2kan bisa kesampaian ya..
    *ngiler liat kuenya..slruuuupppsss

  4. nina: pake blogger kok itu=-O ..:-)

    quy: iya..aye lupa..maafkan..ntar aye edit...:-)

    mbak fitria: makasih byk mbak.. :-)

  5. huwaaaaa.. j-co nya sangat melaparkan saiya.. T___T


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