Friday, 3 June 2011

Ira's The Color Purple Dress

This is the knee-length version of The Bridge and The Pink Dress, which is requested by my friend Ira. I only estimated her body measurement since she is far away from me, I try my best to make the dress fits her comfortably, while the dress is on the way to meet the owner, I cross my finger :) *I hope the dress will fits her perfectly. Aamin.

again, this time I am yoyo-ing :)

I sent Ira a mini wallet as a bonus :)

may be she can put her cosmetic in it :)

wrap up and ship!

I am still using this tulle and satin ribbon wrapping, really hope I could find another wrapping idea. Any idea? :)

Ok, that's all for today, tomorrow I'll update you with mini wallet project :).


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