Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mini Walllet. Souvenir

This weekend I finished these super-easy-to-make mini wallets. I made twelve wallets and I sent my friend a wallet as a bonus after she ordered a dress from me ;) I am thinking to make a collection of various souvenir for the upcoming event, hopefully by the end of this year. Something which is easy and fast to make since  I have to make it quite many. This wallet is the first collection of SOUVENIR project.


  1. aduh rika... cute banget sih bonusnya.. pasti yg terima suka banget dan lagian serba guna lagi, bisa buat tempat kosmetik, koin, tisu dll

  2. hehe..makasih mbak, iya, ya? bisa buat tmpt tisu juga :)


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