Friday, 24 June 2011

Pink Satin Dress

Satin is a BIG deal for me. Cutting was not a trouble, but sewing was really a mess. I used the wrong needle and the fabric crinkled. Thought I bought suitable needle, it keep crinkling, and when I sewn the gathered skirt, I broke the needle twice..sigh.Although, it took extra time to sew it, I am quite happy with the result.

Actually, I want to make this dress comfy for working at office as well as for casual occasion, but I think it turned out too glamorous. Do you think is it "too much" for office attire? hahaha..yes, of course! :p
idea for the dress is from here. yes, it is a girl's dress :)

Hey, finally I got my own label, thanks to mbak Fitria for sharing her idea about this. I used Data Print T-Shirt transfer paper which I ordered from her.

the fabric flower tutorial is here

Next week, I am going to work on this cotton fabric, a shirt for my little sister and a dress for me. The week after I am thinking to play with chiffon :)

Anyway, I think there is something wrong with the dress, I should make outer skirt fuller than the lining skirt..mmhh..what do you think? :P


  1. cantik banget sih baju satinnya. rapi banget jahitannya. jahit satin kan susah krn bahannya licin.kl aku jahit satin selalu berkerut2. bagi tipsnya dong mba rika...^_^

  2. sejujurnya aku sendiri juga kerepotan jahitnya mbak :(, jd aku ga bisa kasih tips..udah diganti jarumnya ttp juga berkerut walopun sedikit..:(

    makasih transfer papernya ya mbak :)

  3. ikaaa.. ai laaaaaaiiiiikkk!!! hehehe..
    aku mau jg dooong transfer papernyaa.. berapaan? buat mama.. siapa tau mama mau bikin hak paten kaya ika juga d jaitan2nya... :)

  4. Nina: coba nina klik link transfer paper itu, ada tuh harganya, ika pesen sama mbak fitria krn susah nyari di Pekanbaru kemaren, kalo di Jakarta pasti ada tuh :)

  5. eh, mama Nina pintar jahit ya? ajarin duong..:D


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