Monday, 11 July 2011

Cupcake for Mom's Birthday :)

Hello :),
So, last Saturday, I made cupcake with my sister to celebrate our Mother's birthday. This is my first "Sweet Treats" post. I won't tell you to much story, just see the pictures..I have to upload all pictures because  I love all of them..hahaha :D

I got the recipe from here
my friend, Winnie, gave me this useful link for how to swirl cupcake
  Happy Birthday Ama! :-*

hahaha..I don't know what happened, the first baking, the batter did not expand well :D
So, the conclusion is the cupcake taste good, but less sugar, too much flour, and too much butter, I think :). Next, I want to try this recipe :)

Want a cupcake? :D


  1. Happy Birthday buat Mamanya Mbak Rika :) *pelukk*

  2. makasih mbak puri & oline *terharu :')

  3. haha..want a cupcake mbak Chilfia? :)


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