Monday, 4 July 2011

"Pocket Dress" for Playing Around

After the "accidentally-glamorous-sewn satin dress" last week, I sewn another casual dress from turquoise floral cotton fabric, which aimed for wearing in casual occasion, or I would say "a dress for playing around" :) I drafted by own pattern by alternating a pattern which I use for this dress. I added two pockets in front to give it a sense of playful.

I sewn a rubber on the top of the pocket to make it shirred, this was my first trial sewing rubber, I made it wrong. I shouldn't let the fabric following the length of the rubber, but should do the opposite. In the next trial ( I am sewing a shirt for my sister by using the same fabric, I will update you tomorrow :), I cut the rubber shorter than the fabric, I forced the rubber to follow the length of the fabric by pulling it during sewing, once you finished, release it, than you'll get a shirr! hahaha..yes, I am a novice seamstress :D  

I love back tie! :)
and yes! this dress is for playing around! I had a playful weekend :)

I made the hair/headscarf clip, I've posted it before here, you can find the link for it's tutorial there
hahaha.. I am sorry for that silly look, we're playing around, right?! :D

OK, tomorrow I'll update you with my sister shirt which has a finishing touch right now, keep reading, and this is a glance for the shirt :)

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. aaaa.. motif bunganya cantik banget..
    btw..aku suka topinya rika ^^

  2. hahaha..makasih mbak Fitria, mbak bisa buat topi ga? bagi ilmunya :D


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