Monday, 25 July 2011

Pom Pom Dress

The seller told me this fabric named Rayon, I thought it was cotton. It is very comfy to wear especially in the hot day in Pekanbaru, and I seen the pompom, which I attach on the neckline at a store in Bukittinggi.

The pattern is self-drafted, and I tried a different style on the shoulder.

a short pompom dress for Purti's birthday present, I hope she'll like it.

and I had a picnic on the weekend with him,

and we're playing silly game...HAHA..:D

Hahaha..Have a fun life! :D


  1. salut deh , aku mesti bongkar pasang waktu jahit bangian lengan , :)

  2. aku sendiri msh bermasalah dibagian lengan, bisanya yg gampang2 aja :)

  3. aku suka banget !!! XD XD XD
    apalagi ngeliat ekspresi mb Rika yg sumingrah itu, wow cantiknya


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