Wednesday, 24 August 2011

PolkaPolka Dress

Hi, every one! how's your day? Last Saturday, I finished Putri's dress, and last night I finished Tika's dress, she is Putri's sister. I'll show you and tell me what do you think about the dresses? :)

 Me? I like it, she looks so sweet :)
The dresses cut by Putri and sewn by me. She wanted to learn sewing, well, I am not expert seamstress, at least I could teach her my limited knowledge in sewing. I think she has done good job, especially learning to cut by using slippery fabric like chiffon :)

twin dress :)
Happy sewing! :D


  1. As-salaamu'alaykum
    ...I think I'm addicted to your blog, very inspirational :)

    This is very pretty! I really like how you used the fabric and the kind of fabric :)

  2. wa'alaikum salam :)
    thank you farhana, the fabric is chiffon, slippery yet addicted to sew :D I am sewing another chiffon right now..


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