Thursday, 29 September 2011

Craft, Books and Job

I know I rarely post on craft project recently. It is not because I am lazy or already lost my passion on crafting and sewing, but it is because, yup, it' s a lousy excuse, I am crazy busy at office :p. Another reason is, ehem..I am preparing my wedding *blushing :">, I won't talk much to you right now, but I promise, I'll share some preparations I made for my own wedding project, later.

Initially, most of the post on this blog is about children literature, which I love so much. If I am not crafting or sewing then I would be reading children book. Currently, I am reading (will read) these books (I read them all at the same time, I mean, when I get bored of one book, I'll change to another book for a while);

1.  A Wrinkle in Time. Well, Honestly, I am confused reading this book, uuhmm.. I don't know, It just confusing for me, that's why it took long time for me to finish it :p.

2. Aha! I am sure everybody knows Alice! :D

3.  The Yearling. A Pulitzer Prize winner in 1939. I just started reading.

4. Saga no Gabai Bachan. A Japanese novel on how to live happily in poverty. It is not to suggest us living in poverty ever after, yet to reconcile with the situation. I almost finish reading, I'll share you a short review tomorrow.

5. Sebelas Patriot. A novel by well-known Indonesian author Andrea Hirata.

6. Winnie the Twit. I just bought yesterday, still unsealed.

7. The Candymakers. I just bought yesterday, still unsealed.

How about you? what are you reading right now?
Ok, that's all for today, I see you soon.
Love :-*


  1. happy wedding ikaaaaaaa.. semoga persiapanx lancar.. happy to you.. ^_^

  2. hahah..msh persiapan nin sayaangg..daoakn ya..:">

  3. Aiiiihhh rika, rupanya sudah mau menikah, Selamat yaaa, semoga lancar n dimudahkan.. *peluk*

  4. aiiihhh..Indah..thank you :">..mohon doanya..

  5. Congratulations on the engagement. I pray the wedding goes as you hoped.

    All the books look interesting. I like children's literature as well.

    At the moment I'm reading a book on sewing. It's SOOOO old, I found it at a second hand store, but it has all the basics in.

    Take care

  6. thanks farhana :). it must be a vintage book :D

  7. huaa rika mau nikaaahhh ^.* selamat ya rikaaa *peyuk2*..moga lancar yaaa...

  8. uni rika mau nikaah..?selamat yaa...kapan?kapan?

  9. insyaallah nurul, hopefully by the end of this year :)..mohon doanya :)

  10. iyaaa...semoga lancar ya uni..:)amiiin
    waah bentar lagi...

  11. selamat ya :) wuih stok flanelnya banyak jg ya

  12. good luck ya, semoga semuanya lancar :)) dongeng anak2 fave'ku sih roald dahl (buku2nya), madicken, pipi long stocking dan masih banyak lg. suka banget sama dongeng anak2 dibanding sama novel orang dewasa :)

  13. yup! Roald Dahl adalah salah satu yg terbaik. aku jg punya se mua koleksinya :)


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