Monday, 19 September 2011

Loose Lace Dress

I like to wear loose dress, it's comfy, light, and carefree.
Chiffon is frustrating yet addictive. It need extra time to sew but I usually fond of the result since I love to wear it, as I told you, it's light. 
Anyway, I made the armhole too low, hahaha..
The lace is the remains I used for sewing this dress. Psst..I also made the bag, and the felt flower :)
I think you already know that I loooove gathering skirt very much! Yes, I do. As far as my sewing knowledge, there two ways of gathering techniques. First, by sewing along the skirt with a loose thread tension, then pulling the thread together, another way is to pin it, see the picture below.
In my opinion, the first way is easier and practical, but for the result and gathering effect, I love the second way, it looks neater, although you will need extra time and patience.

I don't have a serger machine, I used to go to a shop that sell notions and sewing supplies which also provide serger. But, I was too lazy to go, so I think of this way...

I don't know the name of the stitch, as you can see in the inserted picture, I used the "H" stitch. It doesn't locked the fabric edge at all, but it quite helpful to avoid the edge from fraying. Of course, using serger is way better, but if you are too lazy to go to the shop, this one is recommended :D. 

Ok. That's all for today, I'll see you soon, I am making tote bags right now :)

Love Love! :-*


  1. waa..thank you indi, aku jg suka dress orange nya :D

  2. kaaa... ya ampun jait baju sendiri tho? mau dunks dijaitin baju... hehehehe... aku masih belajar nih make mesin jaitnya... belum lancar...

  3. aku jg msh belajar din, msh amatir. ayo coba terus mesinnnya, ntar lancar sendiri :D

  4. ayo mbak semangat !!
    jangan2 udh terjangkit virus sewing addict ya, hehehe

  5. iya mbak..kalo sehari ga menjahit, rasanya aku menyesal pd diri sendiri :)

  6. haaaaaaa.. mba rika cantik sekali pake baju itu, bajunya juga cantik.. :D


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