Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pussycat Purse

A pussycat family is coming today, they are mama puss, papa puss, and dora the puss :D
Pussycat purse. IDR12.000/each. Made of felt with viselin lining (dari kain flanel dengan lapisan kain lem) please click here, if you want to order. thanks Love :)
mama puss
papa puss
dora the puss
the model is my lost Dora :'((..he went away a few months ago. Our family is still in deep sorrow. He is the most loveable kitty we ever had. I don't have any idea where is he now, we've been trying to find him. I hope he is in the best place..hiks..T,T

anyway, in the night I returned back from home after Hari Raya Holiday, a mommy cat with her three cute kittens came to my house, they belonged to our neighbor actually. The next day, I was informed that their master passed away. Do they already knew had to find another mommy to fed them? I guessed so, since they never returned and stay with me up to now..:).


  1. Lucu banget mba rikaaaa, sukaa...>,<

  2. suka apapun yang berbentuk kucing.. cute banget rika... good job.. i like it..hehe..

  3. thank you indaaaahhh..:)thank you indaaaahhh..:)

  4. makasih mbak fit...:)makasih mbak fit...:)


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