Monday, 24 October 2011

Pink & Blue Flower Dress

Oh, Hi, long time no post. I am alive :D
I am doing few things actually, but I keep the post as a draft since I want to post it at the right time later. *Sok rahasia-rahasiaan XD XD

By the way, I finished a dress last week with a felt flower pin. Here they are...

This is a cotton dress with very simple pattern because I only can sew a simple pattern dress, hehehe.

So sorry for my weird face..XD XD

 and this is the felt flower

Love Love :)


  1. cantik!!motif2 bunga emang manis banget dilihat :D

  2. bgmana cara membuat bunganya? bikin Tutorialnya donk ><

  3. Azizah: hihi..iya nih, aku janji2 terus bikin tutorialnya..nanti ya..:)


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