Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ring Pillow & Box : DIY Wedding

This is the ring pillow and the box I made for my engagement ring.

You can order it from me or make it your own. I am pleased to share "the how-to-make" with you. I hope the picture will help you to understand. 
So, you will need these materials + sewing machine or sew it by hand and glue gun (not in the picture)  .

Here are the steps;
1. Pillow

Cut 2 of 10cmx10 cm (or based on the size of your box) satin or any fabric you like. Sew around the edge, right side together, and left open for about 2" to allow you putting the dacron inside. Turn your fabric right side out and use a chopstick to push the corner. By using chopstick, fill your satin with dacron, and sew the opening with invisible stitch. Push in the middle of your pillow, and sew a ribbon from the back and pull the thread to the back. This ribbon is to hang the rings. Set aside your pillow, now move to the rosebuds.

2. Rosebuds

Cut 3 of 24cm x 3cm satin and sew along the edge. Yes, as you see it's a lighter, no, I am not smoking, I used it to avoid satin from fraying by burning the edge. Make a rosebud by rolling the satin and keep it in good shape by regularly sewing it. You don't have to roll it straight forward, as long as it looks like a beautiful rosebud, forget about the way you roll it. Just roll it, sew, and make sure it looks like a rosebud!

3. Petals

Now, we're moving to the petal. Cut 2 of 8cmx8cm satin. Fold it in half, sew from straight sewing from one of the corner, once you finish at another corner, pull the thread, and you'll something like a petal. Cut a small round felt, put in hot glue and attach the petal and the rosebuds.

Here is the pillow.

4. Box

Put your pillow in the box.

I really hope my pictures speak thousand words to you, if anything confusing for you, feel free to ask me. 
For the felt flower on top of the box, I'll share the tutorial later on. Keep reading :)

Love :-*


  1. horee.. akhirnya aku liat wedding ring pillow & boxnya :) happy wedding ya mba rika.. smoga langgeng, harmonis, & cpt dpt momongan. Aamiin

    aksen mawar dari kainnya bagusss...

  2. so sweet...
    thx for the tutorial.
    eh aku udh bilang blm ya, aku suka bannernya, aku suka banget ama chibi maruko chan... pengen nonton kartunnya lagi ;D

  3. awww, bagusnyanya rika :) kreatif sekali bikin dekor kotak cincinya sendiri. semoga semuanya berjalan lancar yaa :)

  4. Rikaaa....lovely tutorial thanks ya for share ,next i will try for my own wedding hihi do'akan yah segera menyusul^^, skali lagi happy wedding ya rika..:)

    kiss and huggss :*

  5. kak,buat buku lagi kak.... keren!!!

  6. Suci: Buat buku..waaaa..masih panjang perjuangan :D..

  7. Novy: Makasih Novy :)
    Mbak Fitria: Sama2 mba Fit, aku juga suka Maruko :D
    Indi: makasih Indi cantik :)
    Dhini: Ayo ayo, add your personal touch to your wedding :)

  8. Keren...bermanfaat skali tutorialnya kak :) thanks for share..
    *untung belum nikah, jadi ada bahan...hehehe...

  9. mau bikin juga buat hari spesial aku nanti :), makasih ya mba rikaa buat tutonya :)

  10. sama2 piena..nanti jgn lupa di share ya..:)


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