Monday, 31 October 2011

Visiting Taman Margasatwa Kinantan Bukittinggi

I think the last time I visited Taman Margasatwa & Budaya Kinantan, Bukittinggi was when I was a kid. Last Saturday I revisited this zoo and some changes have been made. Though I was happy to visit the zoo, but I would be much happier if the animals release to their original habitat. I fell so sorry seeing kangaroo, camel, deer, and other animals :'(..some of them keep trying searching for the way out of their cage :'( (OK, it is just my personal wish).

Entering the gate of the zoo you'll be welcomed by fresh air of Bukittinggi and the pigeons :) Don't forget to visit Rumah Gadang Baanjuang our traditional house which is also a museum here.
and this cute creature :D
look at this "stop-taking-my-picture" lady ;p?
want some corn, baby? ;p
ayam jambul :D
Kinantan Zoo is connected by Limpapeh Bridge to the fortress Fort de Kock .
I am wearing Orange Dress
 From Limpapeh Bridge we can see the city of Bukittinggi.
The Dutch relic.
These men are 'Tukang Kodak' or the photographers, some of them bringing their vintage Polaroid camera. 
Are you interested in visiting Bukittinggi? this Bukittinggi Tourism may be can help you or like the fan page on facebook, or you may ask me, I'll share you my knowledge :) 
Love Love :-*


  1. Bukittinggi cantik banget, pengen suatu hari nanti pelesiran ke sana..:)

  2. memang sih aku juga kasihan lihat hewan dikandangi. tapi kan tujuannya untuk edukasi spy kita bs mengenal hewan2 liar. kalau pakai sarana robotic/gambar gak akan pernah bs gantikan kebun binatang memang :)
    tempatnya kayanya cukup luas ya (dibanding bonbin bandung, ada museum pula. pasti asyik ;)


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