Sunday, 20 November 2011

Palembang Craft Bazaar

I wonder, during SEA Games in Palembang it is so uneasy to find Modo & Modi stuffed dolls. Modo and Modi are the 26th  SEA Games mascot. My boss said that it is sold at Jakabaring sport center, but not many, and it is quite expensive Rp250,000 for a pair of Modo & Modi! So expensive, indeed. Then, I found a fashion and craft bazaar near by Musi River. I thought there might be Modo & Modi there, but, I found nothing :(. Fortunately, I found this interesting crafty work, painted shoes! :) So crafty!

Squawk! Angry Bird and Sinchan :D
curdboard bunny
I adore this crafty man :) Keep up the good work!

He doodled the booth. Brilliant!

The white tents with Ampera Bridge as the background.

Now, I have to find another gift instead of Modo & Modi...
Ok, see you soon, next post would be a crafty wedding project. Don't forget to come back here by next week :)
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  1. ada tugas buatmu di blogku, rika :)

  2. aww...baiklaaahhh..:D *segera meluncur ke blog Indi :D

  3. standnya baguss yaa.. mereka kreatif banget bikin panelnya dari doss dan digambar gambarrr......

  4. aaah,,, keren banget bazaarnya >.<


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