Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Palembang Food Parade

Hi, I've been in Palembang since a few days ago. So sorry I don't post any craft project due to my current job in Palembang, yes, it's the 26th SEA Games. Anyway, why don't we explore Palembang specialty, in this case not only Pempek (fish cake) . I'll show you more :) We start with something fresh and eye catching.

The name of this beverage is Ken Arok, well, I don't have any ideas why did they name it so. It is served at Rempah-Rempah Restaurant at Jl. Angkatan 45 No.7M Palembang, across Bebek Pasundan Restaurant. Basically, this restaurant serve Sundanese food, just open three months ago and it already one of Palembang's taste buds favorite. On the first time of our arrival in Palembang, we went on recce for this restaurant, it serve the food quickly and it taste, as I told you, quite good with cottage-like atmosphere. The next day, we hosted Singapore's Ambassador for dinner here and he liked it. At the end of the dinner, the supervisor of the restaurant requested for taking picture with Ambassador as a return, he offered 10% discount :). We never tired of this restaurant, as the next day, we host again dinner for Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, surely, the owner of this restaurant would hang pictures of state's important officials on the entire wall of restaurant :D. Just in front of cashier's table, there is an interesting spot, they sell vintage traditional food and games, for Indonesian I am sure you know it so well as you see the picture below. You name it :)

I've heard that Pindang is one of Palembang's specialty, those who come to Palembang must try this soupy food. One of South Sumatra Governor office official suggested that I should try Pindang Meranjat Restaurant. Then, we went on that day. During lunch time, quite hard to find seat. A lot of people eating there, sure, this one is one of the most popular. Pindang Patin (fish name) is one of the most ordered, but I don't like Patin fish then I ordered Pindang Tulang (Bone Pindang, which is actually beef Pindang). In my opinion, Pindang Meranjat is not that good :p, sorry, but it taste like usual beef soup except with some chili addition and the service was not that good too. But, if you are interested to try, it is located at Jl. Demang Lebar Palembang, I forgot the number) but it is near by South Sumatra Governor's residence or commonly said as Griya Agung. In addition, Pondok Kelapo Restaurant, which is also located at Jl. Demang Lebar also serve Pindang, I think this one is better with better atmosphere.

Pindang Tulang at Pindang Meranjat Restaurant
We also suggested some most famous Pempek shops in Palembang. Some said Pak Raden Pempek is the most tasty Pempek, but Candy Pempek and Beringin Pempek are also good. Each of them has many chains in Palembang. My friend tried Candy, which one of its chain located across our hotel, we stay at Novotel at Jl. R. Sukamto near by Palembang Trade Center or PTC. She said that it was not that special, OK, we skipped Candy. The other day I went to Beringin and I found that Pempek is not the only thing they sell.

Pempek at Beringin
I can't remember the name, but it made of chicken and flour
Egg Pindang
Luwak Coffee or Luwak's "shit" coffee..hahaha
Kerupuk. I like the "100% <3 Indonesia"
They even made "BERINGIN" letter with Kerupuk!
Fish satay
Scallop satay. My Favorite!
and this morning I had Tekwan for my breakfast. Tekwan is mixture of sago flour and fish in ball shape. It served with shrimp soup, mushroom, and noodle. This Tekwan tastes good :)

Martabak HAR is the next famous culinary in Palembang, I seen some of it chains in Palembang. HAR stands for Haji Abdul Rozak, is the founder of the shop, an Indian. I thought this Martabak something like Martabak Mesir in Padang and Pekanbaru, egg, beef, onion, celeries, and flour fried and serve with dark brown sauce which is made of soya sauce, sliced onion, and chili. But, I was wrong, this Martabak HAR was only filled with egg, either duck or chicken egg, yes, only egg. It taste boring (in my opinion), serve with potato curry which is also sorry, I really disappointed with this martabak. I wonder why it is so famous in Palembang. Luckily, the fried chicken (ayam kampung goreng) was good :)

I think Palembang still has it specialty and favorite culinary spot to try. I must arrange another  tour de Palembang culinary :)

See you soon
P.S: sorry for poor resolution of my pictures, I took it with my cellphone camera.
Love Love :-)


  1. tolong kirimkan 'ken arok'nya ke alamat saya, terima kasih *ngelindur* hehehe.

  2. heummmm,bikin bikin tambah laperrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... :)

    salam kenal..
    suka dengan karya2nya :)

  3. hehehe..makasih mba Akizeyek :)salam kenal :)


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