Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sweet Sweet Sweet :)

Hi, just a short post on a sweet Saturday afternoon here in Palembang :) It's been fifteen days already and I miss my home so much...Can't wait for coming back home soon. Anyway, do you like sweet? I like sweet (and craft for sure)..that's why I named this blog Craft & Sweet. Well, I treat you some sweets..enjoy :D

Yesterday, I went to PTC, a mall in Palembang and found a sweet and gift shop. I just can't help myself for not buying this cute vintage snack case with classic Jago Chocolate inside it:). It's vintage :D

Inside these tiny beary bottles are Chocorocks. I bought chocorock in Malaysia sometime ago, and I  am so glad finding them again.Chocorock is chocolate in the shape of rock, of course :D

and Lolly! :D

Have a sweet Saturday night everyone! Love Love :-)


  1. sweet mbak rika..
    wah btw kaleng cokelatnya lucuu bgt..merah lagii *berbinarbinar :))

  2. iyaa..waktu beli sebenarnya lebih tertarik sama kalengnya :D, tp coklatnya juga enak :)

  3. Those Jago Chocolates surely bring back my childhood memories.. Hahaha X'D love your post!


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