Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mahr Box: DIY Wedding

Hola, again! :D
How's your Wednesday morning? Mine is kind of bee busy as I am trying hard to adjust myself with my new role as a wife. I thank God for all of this bless. A lot of burden for sure, but I love being a wife :) 

Today I am going to post another wedding project I made, which are Mahr box and the "Seserahan" Box. I can't find suitable term for "seserahan" in English, it is something given by the groom to the bride, but it's different from Mahr that is obligatory. If you are interested on my DIY Wedding post, kindly check this engagement ring pillow & box, wedding souvenir and guest book post. If you want to order these wedding things, please kindly contact me here :)

The top and the 2nd are Seserahan boxes. The first box filled with cosmetics stuff and the 2nd box contain clothes. The last box, which is the biggest one, is the Mahr box. It's still empty anyway, as my husband has not found the Mahr when the photo taken, so I just put a Koran inside it.

Each box has different size and slightly different felt flower embellishment.

Above is the Mahr box and below is the seserahan (clothes) box.

and a photo from my marriage ceremony :)

Thank you very much for all of your support and nice comments, especially prior to my wedding day. You are the best :)

Love :-*


  1. congratulation Dear Rika...semoga menjadi keluarga yang SaMaRa..yess

  2. ka..,selamat ya..miss you so bad T_T

  3. Barakallah.. mbk rika.. posting dong tentang acara pernikahannya.. hehehe.. semoga menjadi keluarga SAMARA ya mbk..:)

  4. cantik-cantik kotak seserahannya ... kreatif ya Rika :)

  5. makasih Mba Hany, senang mba berkunjung ke blogku :)

  6. Kak Rika, happy wedding Kak.
    Berdecak kagum setiap membaca kreasi Kak Rika di sini :D
    Happy being your junior, LOL

  7. body shop body shop body shop ...

  8. abel: hahaha..harusnya dibikin blur itu :p


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