Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wedding Souvenir: DIY Wedding

Due to my very limited time and I am doing it all by myself so I need a very simple wedding souvenir. Something that I can produce quite many in a short time. So, I end up with this simple tissue purse.

I downloaded the template for the purse from here. I understand this is only for personal usage. This souvenir is for my own wedding, a token to be given for my priceless guests who come up to our wedding with bless and bliss :).
Here are the steps:

After you download the template, cut the felt based on it and sew ribbon close to the edge of the felt (as pictured). Fold the felt and sew both side to make a purse. Make a hole at the center of the closure to allow the ribbon out. Make a bow tie. There you go!

Super easy to make :)
See you on my next wedding project, tomorrow I'm going to post "Guest Book"
Love :)


  1. nice tutorial! may i share the link in Indonesia CraftyBlog. thank you, mbak Rika.^^

  2. Ola,
    eu moro no brasil, Rio de Janeiro...
    eu amei seu DIY , lindo mesmo!
    quando vi sua foto pensei, nossa uma freira usando internet, Depois que eu percebi que em seu país é costume usar véu...
    beijos brasileiros...

    google tradutor: português - ingles..


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