Monday, 30 January 2012

"Kitty-faced Foxy" Holder

I know. Your first impression must be, "it's a cat! not a fox!" :D.
OK. It's supposed to be a fox, but it accidentally turned out to be a cat. Well, I am a true cat lady..:p. I made this holder in order to join Indonesian Crafters Monthly  Challenge. January theme is Foxy Lady. It was one of the happiest thing in my life becoming the member of this  awesome group. A lot of super talented crafter join the group. Such a honor for me :'). By the way, just have a look to the "Kitty-faced Foxy" :D.

Ok, that's all for today. See you on the next post :)

PS: You can order this holder from me, just contact me here.
Love, Ika :)


  1. Kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn...
    Duh, malu sayaaahhh gak bisa bikin apa-apa.. :(

    1. makasih Mba Ethie..Indonesian Crafters member ga boleh malu mbaa..kita kan "ga tau" malu bikin karya, ayo semangaaat! :D

  2. Foxy is in the eyes of the beholder :) I love your multi functions holder!!!

  3. hihihi, lucu dan useful sekali ya si kucing-rubah ini :D


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