Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Oleh-Oleh from Bukittinggi

Halo semua! :)
I just came back from Bukittinggi last night after spending long weekend at my home town. As usual, I bring you some Oleh-oleh (souvenirs). Enjoy :)

jam dari anyaman atau sering disebut "tikar pandan" di Sumbar
ukiran kayu berbentuk sepasang kucing yang lucu :)
wooden coaster
I wonder what would you bring in your holiday, me? these are some of my holiday stuff,
Children book, notebook, color pencils, hat
What did you do on your long weekend? oh ya, Happy Lunar Year for those who celebrate it! :)

Love, Ika :)


  1. aih, jam anyamannya cute sekali <3

  2. to bring home? From last trip we brought wooden batik from Indo and some knick knacks from Germany. Btw, the kitties are cute, my MIL loves cats :) Always love posts about Sumatra Barat!!!

    1. because I love Sumatra Barat so much! :)


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