Tuesday, 10 April 2012

1st Maternity Dress: DIY Maternity

Halo semua! Hi every one! :)

It's been a while I don't post any new dress on this blog. I am easily exhausted recently due to my first weeks of pregnancy. I don't puke fortunately, but sometimes I really don't want to do anything. Just a lazy unproductive day :p.

Finally, I managed to finish a maternity dress. It took three weeks to finish! my...this is the longest time I finish a dress. I used to make it within two or three days, haha. As I told you, most of the time was a very tired day that I really need extra time to finish it slowly.

I named it "1st Maternity Dress". Actually, the pregnancy already three month, but I just started my maternity project on the fourth weeks of pregnancy, so I need to catch up with "2nd and 3rd Maternity Dresses." Yes, as I did on DIY wedding, I am going to make another DIY project, this time, DIY Maternity Project. Wish me luck! :)
I know, I look more chubby :p

I believe some of you already knew about this, but I am sure some of you are also trying to learn sewing. I've been making shirred dress like this for several time and this video form martha stewart is may top guidance. Have a look, you'll love it! 

ps: I am sorry for the awkward photos, my husband took it hurriedly :p

Ika :)


  1. Replies
    1. hihihi..iya nih mba, walopun pelan2 :D

  2. model dress nya simpel tapi cantik....:)

  3. baguuss mba rikaaa....suka kerut2nyaaa..

  4. aww u look nice rika , dont owrry about being lazy some times in life u need to be lazy to get over some time i m being lazzy too yayyyyyyyyyy,

  5. mb rikaa selamat buat kehamilannya:P aku jadi terinspirasi niy sama mb rika.sama sama lagi 'isi' juga dan I have a very long lazy day too:p tapi jadi semangat berkarya lagi liat mb rika
    jaga kesehatan dan baby nya mba:)

    1. wah...selamat juga ya Mba Arum..iya nih, kalau ga dilawan bisa malas sepanjang masa :D..semangat ya mbaaa!


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