Thursday, 5 July 2012

Red Matyrioshka: Book Cover

Welcome Thursday!
Selamat Hari Kamis semuanya. I have a new book or agenda cover. The size is 20x37 cm (when open). I don't close the back cover so it may fits for the book with different thickness. The cover made of Japanese Linen outside and polka dot cotton inside. It also have bookmark with scissors charm.

haha..please, ignore my ugly hand embroidery, this is customized for me, you can order without those untalented stitch :p. and I put the quotation wrongly, it should be "A good book written for children can be read by adults"_Norton Juster. This quotation really defines me. I love children book so much.

 this is what happened when I bring the book uncovered inside the bag. I hate it.
Ok, see you on the next post.

Love, ika.


  1. kemaren aye bikin tulisan dengan dijahit gitu juga di baju aye.. hasilnya.... berantakan.. dan aye bongkar lagi.. hehehe.. tapi pas liat punya ente ternyata emang gitu ya hasil tulisan dari menjahit.. *ulang jahit lagi ahh :D

    1. engga juga, emg aye yg amatir, ada yg lebih bagus kok dr itu...:P

  2. wah,, bagus, mbak,, jadi pengen bikin,, karna trnyata bukunya gk cukup disampul plastik aja,, tapi cuman bisa jait tangan, :p

    1. iyaa..bbrp bukuku jg disampul plastik, tp ttp aja kadang kelipat2 di papa jahit tangan mba Sarie, dijahit dg feston, yg biasa utk flanel, bagus juga tu :)

  3. As-salaamu'alaykum sis,
    How's you?
    This is SOOOO wonderful! I do love books, and Roald Dahl being some of my favorite *I spotted them!*
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Lovelyyyy...... Love the polkadots inside :D

  5. waah...cantik cover bukunya, kreatif :)


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