Thursday, 27 September 2012

Baby Bedding Set : Creative Thursday

I know. I am too excited to welcome the baby. I am so sorry if I keep babbling about the baby stuff. I hope you don't mind. 
Since the first the day of my maternity leave I've been working on baby bedding set using the Pooh and Tigger cloth sent as a gift by my very nice crafter friend Mba Fitry. Thank you so much Mba Fit! What a very kind of you :-*

So, these are the bedding set I made. There will be a lot of photos, PLEASE don't get bored :p

The bedding set consist of bed cover, pillow & bolsters cases, the crib cover (ah, I don't know the English term for this :p), Pooh & Tigger plushie, and hanging grooming set organizer.

The crib cover has a foam insert.
The baby crib has been about 31 years-old. It belongs to my older brother in law. Had been used by my husband also two other brothers and sister, and other relatives. When we took it from the attic, it was so dusty and rusty, but I like its vintage looking. Then we had it re-paint and I am so proud (especially my husband) to re-use it for our baby.

Hey, Andru also likes it! :D
Love, Ika :)


  1. wow, mbak Rika keren. udah mulai prepare bikin-bikin sendiri perlengkapan baby-nya. jadi inget Jess dari craftiness is not optional yang bikin sendiri semua

    boxnya juga keren, awet yah sudah puluhan tahun masih bagus :)

    semangat mbak... btw, kurang berapa lama lagi nih?

    1. makasih mba Yuanita..:D
      perkiraannya dalma minggu ini mba..makasih juga link Craftiness is not opntional-nya :D

  2. cakeeeeep banget Mba Rika,, sukaa banget sama nuansa BIRUnya,, adeem..

    kok tiba2 jd kepengen kasih adik buat Irsyad ya?? *ups..:D

    1. hahaha..keep on crafting and making baby mba Rizqa :D

  3. Whooaaa ! Keyennn ^^
    Semoga lancar yah persalinannya :*

  4. waaah cakep banget mba rika..super deh si calon mommy yang satu ini. Masih sempat bikin baby bedding set buat si calon dede .. :) pdhl udah tinggal menghitung hari ya kelahirannya .... semoga diberi kelancaran ya mba dalam proses persalinannya. Semoga anak nya lahir sehat sempurna tak kurang satu apapun.Amiin :)

    1. aamiin..>_<..makasih banyak mba Dilla..:')

  5. sukaaaaaaaaaaa..
    pengen dibuatin juga nantiiiiii.. :)

  6. I absolutely love the baby pooh and tigger fabric! Ever since we saw this blog, we have been searching the internet for it. I know you said it was a gift, but do you know any way my husband and I (we are expecting a baby in April) could find some of this fabric? Do you know your friends source?

    Thank you!



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