Friday, 28 September 2012

Decorating The Cans : Friday Tutorial

As promised on my Tuesday post, I will share you a simple and easy tutorial on decorating the cans. I saw the idea on a magazine, but the tutorial is originally my own. I believe you have more interesting and more creative ways to decorate the cans, so I'll be very happy if you share it with me :)
I am going to make these...

Basically, you will need these supplies. I am not using sewing machine this time, only glue and hand-sewing, various cotton fabrics to cover your cans, felt, yarn, scissors, laces, or whatever you want to use. Be creative! :)
1. Start by covering inside the cans, BE CAREFUL of the sharp edge, make sure you cover the edge.

2. Continue by covering outside the can. You can use cotton fabric or felt, or mix matching the fabrics. Followed by decorating your covered-can by using laces, button or what ever possible for you.

3. Next, we're going to make the cone. Make a half circle as the picture below. Make sure your cone will cover the top of the can. Then, cut the fabric and padding (well, I am not sure the English term, but in Bahasa I used to call it "kain keras"). But, I think you can also use a quite thick felt as the padding. The idea is to stiffen the cone.
Glue the padding into the fabric and glue the lace into the edge of the cone.

4. Make a cone and secure by gluing.

5. Make a pom-pom for the top of the cone. This is how I did it, I've seen a more effective way actually, but I can't remember the steps. May be you know better than me. 

6. Sew the pom-pom into the top of the cone. You're done with the cone.

7. We continue by making the pin cushion. Cut a circle fabric, sew around the fabric by using running stitch, pull out the thread, then fill it up with dacron. Pull the thread again until you have "a ball" of dacron, then secure the stitch.

8. Using a yarn, sew from the bottom of your "dacron ball" to the top and from the top to the bottom again. 

9. Glue it into the can and you're done.

If you have more interesting ways to decorate the cans, kindly share it with me. I'd like to hear from you :)

Love, Ika :)

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