Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Decorating the Cans: Green Crafty Tuesday

I know this is a very late post for "Green Crafty Tuesday". I am (still) working on baby stuff the whole day, but I need to catch up with Tuesday post. I just started decorating the cans after dinner. This time I am not using sewing machine. Hand-sew, glue, and the cans (which you are not supposed to throw away!) I saw the idea on a magazine.

So, I got these...
I wish I can share the tutorial on Friday.
Thanks for reading, Good night! :)

Love, Ika


  1. mba, lucu banget kalengnya.. jadi pengen bikin juga, itu pincushion imut banget sih, sdh lama mau bikin. Mbak Rika, kaleng whiskas ya gede itu kan ada gelombangx, bagus banget tuh kl di-decoupage, jadi gelombang2nya keliatan pasti keren deh

    1. makasih mba, aku blm pernah nyoba decoupage..share tutorialnya dong mbaa :D


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