Friday, 21 September 2012

Making Sosuke Doll: Friday Tutorial

So, we're going to make Sosuke doll today. FYI, I am an amateur doll maker. This tutorial is based on my personal knowledge and experience. This is my first attempt in making doll, so this tutorial is definitely not for expert doll maker. I welcome any suggestion or advice from you expert doll makers! :)

I already told you about Sosuke on my previous post.
This is Sosuke
image source
 So, let's get started!

1. Draw Sosuke on a piece of paper. The head part, body, hand, leg, and his toy boat. Then cut each part of drawing. Using the drawing as the pattern, cut your fabric. Cut two pieces of each part, except for the hair, you only need one piece. I am using felt, you can also use cotton fabric.

2. Draw the face part by using pencil as guideline then sew each part. I am using chain stitch for the lips and eyebrows, and back stitch for nose and around the eyes. For the eyes part, I attached them by using glue. I also make "SOSUKE" letter on his yellow shirt by using back stitch. By the way, I change Sosuke's smile :)

3. Next step is sewing the hair into the face.

4. Sewing hand and legs by putting right side together. Don't forget to leave a space to turn the fabric out.

5. Turn the right side out, use a safety pin or a stick to turn it out. 

6. Stuff the hands and legs with dacron then sew the opening by using blind stitch.

7. Connect the head and body by sewing, also attach the hands and legs (for the back side). Also sew the head and body for the front side.

8. Now, attach the back and front side by putting right side together (wrong side is facing you). Sew around and leave and opening for turning.

9. Turn right side out through the opening.

10. Stuff your doll with dacron and sew the opening by using blind stitch.

Done! :)
I hope my tutorial and pictures will be helpful for you. As I told before, I welcome any question, especially advice from expert doll maker. Let's share! :)

Love, Ika.


  1. Nice post..

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  2. My little boy (3 years old) LOVES Ponyo, I am buying him his own copy of the DVD for Christmas and will make him a Sosuke and Ponyo toys... plus a little green bucket of his own lol. It's such a gorgeous movie. Love it. Thank you so much for your inspiration for the dolls!

    1. haha..that green bucket, I should make one for my boy too :)..thanks for your visit :)


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