Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ponyo & Sosuke: Creative Thursday

It was in my early pregnancy when me, my husband, and our friend Quyat watched Ponyo together. Ponyo is an award winning Japanese animation about a little goldfish that wants to be a human girl. She befriends with Sosuke, a boy who live on top of the cliff by the sea. I can't remember what was the reason, but me, especially my husband, started to call our expected baby as PONYO. Of course, this is only a nickname, it sounds cute and lovely. I like it :D. 

Ponyo is a girl actually, we expect a boy. But, it does not matter. I already made a SOSUKE (with a weird looking smile) doll for our Ponyo. By the way, this is my first attempt in making doll :p

Sosuke and his toy boat.
and his weird-looking smile :D
Sosuke & Ponyo
image source
No matter how weird Sosuke's smile is, I will share my amateur tutorial in making this doll tomorrow. Don't forget to come back again :D

lOVE, Ika.

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