Friday, 7 September 2012

Purple "Carnival in Paris" Tote Bag

Welcoming the weekend and hoping you a happy Friday everyone! :)
These two tote bags are custom-made. As the previous "Carnival in Paris" tote bag series, they are made of cotton linen for the front side, plain dark canvas at the back, velvet for lining, and cotton for pocket. The size is about 35x41x5.5 cm. One of them has an additional pocket at the back as the customer order it.

two square pockets and a love-shaped pocket inside.
I am getting closer to maternity leave, will start on 17 September and is in rush to finish some custom-made orders including some outstanding works at office X_X. I will stop receiving orders after giving birth (wish me luck >_<), which I hope for not so long period. Meanwhile, during maternity leave, I hope I can still keep in touch with you by posting and sharing my personal (non commercial) creations :).

Thank you for visiting.

Love, ika :)

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