Monday, 17 September 2012

Starting Maternity Leave: Monday Mood Booster

Finally, I start maternity leave today. The doctor said that the baby might be delivered by the end of September. The only thing I hope is that he will be delivered normally and healthy. I do hope having enough strength during delivery process. 

As I told you before, during maternity leave I won't accept any order. I wish I can open the shop as soon as possible. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind if I keep posting and sharing my personal project (non commercial), which I hope it will inspire you.

Some of my mood boosters this Monday:

-I wish I still have enough time to make some baby stuff. Winnie the Pooh cloth is a gift from my kind friend Mba Fitry.

-Seeing Audrey Hepburn knitting.
Image source via
-and Kiefer Sutherland! 
Image source via
 OK. I should buy my knitting tools soon!

Love, Ika :)

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