Thursday, 11 October 2012

Elang Yusuf Afandi

Elang Yusuf Afandi. Our son was born on Thursday, 4th October 2012. Thanks God.

“Bebek berjalan berbondong-bondong, akan tetapi burung elang terbang sendirian.”
Sukarno, Indonesia Menggugat: Pidato Pembelaan Bung Karno di Muka Hakim Kolonial

Long before I got married, I always passionate about nature-inspired, national hero, Islamic prophet, and the father's name for my future child's name.
Elang is Eagle in English. Our Elang's name also referred to Elang Mulya Lesmana, one of the so-called "Reform Heroes" (Pahlawan Reformasi), who was shot dead at Trisakti shootings on 12 May 1998. 

"Elang Mulia Lesmana (5 July 1978 – 12 May 1998) was a student at the Faculty of Architecture. On-campus, he was known for his humour, and during the demonstration was waving a sign saying "Lower the price of photocopies and perfume!" (Indonesian: "Turunkan harga fotokopi dan minyak wangi!"). He was shot outside the Dr. Syarif Thayes building and buried in Tanah Kusir Public Cemetery, South Jakarta. ( source)"

Yusuf is one of the Islamic prophet, it also referred to the middle name of former President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, who is well-known for his religious and intelligent. I adore him so much!
Then, Afandi is my husband's name, Elang's father :).

From a "dot" becoming a " bless". What a miracle :')

If Shakespeare said "what is in a name?" I would say it mean prayer, hope, and all good things we wish for our beloved son :).

Love, Ika

ps: May be you want to know a little bit about Elang Mulya Lesmana's death here. ( I was crying reading the article).


  1. Congrats, dear...

    namanyaa bagus, selamat ya, welcome to the club!!

    (club emak emak super !! )

  2. Alhamdulillah, welcome Elang :) semoga tumbuh sehat, pintar sholeh dan jadi qurrota a'yun, aamiin.
    Selamat Ika, smoga cpt pulih yaa.. naik pangkat jd busui nih skrg :D

  3. selamat datang elang, semoga hebat seperti nama2 yg menginspirasi namamu. amen :)

  4. Selamat Kak Rika,
    Semoga Elang akan tumbuh menjadi anak yang shaleh dan berbakti kpd orang tua, agama, keluarga, dan masyarakat.

  5. Baby nya lucu sekali, sehat2 ya ibu&bayinya :)


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