Monday, 29 October 2012

Slowly Get Back to Crafting : Monday Mood Booster

It's Monday with new positive thought for me here :). It's been three weeks after my son's birth. My daily routine is absolutely different, especially most of the time spent for babysitting. I have to manage my time very wisely in order to spare a little time for crafting. It's not easy for sure, but I realize that I can't live without my passion. So, I motivate myself and generously put my baby at the first priority, meanwhile at the same time I keep struggling and slowly get back to the crafting world. May God gives me enough strength :).

Have a blissful and zestful Monday, everyone! :)

Love, Ika


  1. semangaaaat kakaaaak (",) heheheh.. i love the patterns you have chosen for your next project, can't wait to see what it will become.. good luck ya

  2. semangat mba rika..sama aku juga baru punya baby, 5m2w, awal2 mlahirkan memang capek tapi liat kain2 jadi pengen jahit lagi walaupun malam hari wkwkwkw
    yang paling sulit atur waktunya, tapi pasti bisa kok mba, *saling memberi semangat
    btw itu gunting lucu amir.....
    naksir berat ehehehhehe

    1. iya, dede jadi rajanya yg ngatur waktu, ga bisa jait seenknya lg sekrg. aku lg berjuang menyesuaikan diri..hehe..mudah2an cepat terbiasa :)


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