Sunday, 2 December 2012

Anpanman Shoulder Bag

This is "Anpanman Shoulder Bag"
Made of cotton linen, brown polka dot canvas, with cotton as lining plus magnetic snap. The size is 36x33 cm. it has oval bottom with the longest point of length and width 24x18 cm. The handle is 52cm. It also has petit pouch to place your keys or tissue. Kindly visit the shop for purchasing :)
 Thank You :)


  1. cantik, mba rika... btw, di pku beli kain2 linen ama katun cantik gini dimana?rasany gk pernah liat ya?

    1. makasih mba..kalo linen aku beli di ol shop, tp kalo katun bunga2 utk lining itu ada di Ramayana mba :D


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