Monday, 4 February 2013

Stay on the right track

Simple. Happy. and Crafty Life.

It was (and still) my guideline through the life. Last night, I started to get bored looking back at the current posts on my blog. Most of them are my selling handmade. I realize there was something wrong, that is just not on the right track. I used to make this blog my wonderland to living the passion (earning money comes later). It should be about living a crafty life, enjoying my passion in children literature, and smiling at every trial-and error- treat I made in every Sunday :).

There are theme in my every day's post, 'Monday Mood booster', 'Green Tuesday' for making craft from used material or to reduce the trash or whatever to make a better planet, 'Wednesday Read', 'Creative Thursday', 'Friday Tutorial', 'Crafty Saturday', and 'Sunday treat.' My last on the-track-post was before I gave birth to my son, four month ago. No wonder I feel so terrible because I started to forget my passion, the life's so boring because I nearly become a-money-minded person in making craft. This is must be stopped.

I must return to the right track.

Forgive me God, if made it wrong.
Forgive me, my friend if I give you the boring reading post and forget to share ideas with you.

Love, ika.


  1. hehe.. tapi ini kan tetap part of your passion.. :D

    1. iyaa..bukan berarti ga jualan lg, hanya saja aye merasa ga balance kalo ga ada sesi sharing ideas nya..aye jg ga mau jd money-oriented-crafter :P

  2. ga papa, yang penting craft must go on..
    happy crafting rika ;D

    1. iya mba fit...tetap semangaaaaattt :D

  3. masih sesuai jalur kok mba Rika :)
    btw, aku tunggu posting dress cantiknya yaaa :)

    1. makasih mba Tien..iya nih, mau bikin dress..udah beli kainnya..ditunggu yaa kitik2 dan sarannya nanti :p


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